Versatile spinning model with 30 feet solid tip on 6 feet 5 inches multi-length. A 30 ton carbon tubular berry section where the power band moves from a flexible 30 ton solid tip that is excellent in operability to smooth. The bat section has a 40 ton carbon tubular that exerts strong power and agility, and it is finished in a well-balanced one with a sense of rigidity plus a light and sharp operability like the INFINITE BLADE. . Parabolic taper design that draws a beautiful arc created by exquisitely composing different elasticity, enhances cast performance at long distance, and small plugs such as no-sinkers and insect lures, lightweight lures, shads and prop baits, etc. It is possible to cast accurately from a position not noticed by the bus, and its cast performance is not only limited to boat fishing, but also shows high performance in the style of Octopari that requires a long cast. In addition, considering the use of PE line system which can not be indispensable for long cast, instead of the guide setting used in the conventional model, setting based on KT # 5 guide which enhances the dropout at the line release, the flight distance is increased We realize stress-free feeling of use. The range of defensive range that comes from the taper design without any wrinkles covers all genres of lightweight lures, making it an indispensable Versatile in all fields.

■ Materials used Carbon fiber 95% Glass fiber 5% ■ Resin epoxy resin ■ Total length 195 cm
■ Dimensions 195.6 cm ■ Standard weight 86 g ■ Point diameter 0.9 mm ■ Source diameter 9.4 mm ■ Number of splices 1
■ Taper Regular First ■ Manufacturing method Solid Tip