[Head Gunner J-Version]

An export model changes appearance and appears for the domestic market.

Originally developed to target the Northern Snake Head of the vast wetlands of the Far East Russia from inflatable kayaks, and the Snake Heads of Dam Lakes and Wild Ponds in Southeast Asia from boats and canoes. GUN2 ZERO SNAKEHEAD SPECIAL and SERPENT RISING series planner and developer, Mr. Kuniaki Shinya of WHPLASH FACTORY, when traveling to Russia, fishing with local people, their requests and their own ideas At the same time, it originates in the idea of ​​making a rod adapted to the style. Therefore, it is slightly shorter overall and slightly lighter than the traditional ryogyo rod made in Japan to capture the heavy cover area from the land. Therefore, it cannot be denied that the typical heavy cover is insufficient. However, with the conventional rye rod, there is a perfect match with a light cover that has power and a small irrigation channel that requires complicated casting and fine lure operation. This HEAD GUNNER J-VERSION changes the thread color and reel seat based on the export model. And the grip blanks were strengthened slightly. Tapered design without necessary power and stress. Even if you do not keep the proper tension, it is flexible and firm. It is recommended for those who are not confident in the strength and for female anglers, and has a total balance that can be understood by advanced players.


Equipped with high rigidity Fuji.SiC guide double foot model (PKWSG) with double wrapping. The top guide is PMNST.


TCS-D18 is thinner than before. Adopts a long nut hood that is not loose and easy to tighten.


Built-in 25g counter balancer at the grip end.

Light model developed for medium-sized snakeheads distributed in East Asia. The cover edge Toman is also within the scope. Rehi is the main target in Japan. A little short and a little lighter than HGJ-610H, you can technically capture the rihee with fast movement of light cover and cover edge by freely manipulating the small weedless plug.