Roadrunner Voice Hardbait Special

Tetsuo Tanabe says, “The hard bait rod is a “cast”.”

Aiming for casting accuracy that realizes a hard bait game with extreme precision. A trace line that considers the appeal of your lure, the distance you can notice the lure, the position of the bus, the direction, and the direction you can chase. The Road Runner Voice Hardbait Special is proud of its casting performance that allows you to make the ultimate attack with a single shot.

An appropriate elastic modulus that exerts an appropriate repulsion speed and extrusion torque according to the cast power. A variable taper that changes the bending depth according to the distance to aim. I usually decide a difficult cast until now. All items are designed with blanks that can be cast as your own accuracy, which was a coincidence until now. And at the same time, it is a carbon blank, but it also has excellent bite followability, surprisingly wide range of lure compatibility, high hooking rate and landing rate.
Seventeen years after the birth of the series, the performance that continues to increase its presence and the concept that does not shake because the pursuit of the essence continues to evolve. Fine tune as a hard bait special is added to the new setting that boasts a high track record in Road Runner Voice LTT. The flight distance has been further extended, the accuracy has been increased, and even lower ballistic casts have been made possible.
It bears that name again. “Road Runner Voice Hard Bait Special”.

The Hard Bait Special knows a shortcut to the Hard Bait Expert.



Reliable blank performance by setting the optimum elastic modulus for each item and adopting variable taper for all items. And the blank color of voice green. The essential elements for the performance of the Hard Bait Special are condensed. The guide uses the Noriz original setting that considers even the weight balance and adopts Fuji Industry’s GM stainless frame SiC-S guide. The top guide is LGST with the K guide as the main. Also compatible with PE lines. A short version of the non-slip fore grip, a symbol of the road runner, is adopted. Fuji Industrial PTS reel seat with asymmetrical color pattern is set with emphasis on the degree of freedom and stability of the wrist during casting.


Equipped with Fuji Industrial WBC balancer. Detachable balance weight 3/8 oz. Adjustable instantly with two lures. Achieves optimum casting balance.

Rear Grip Length (mm)

From the top 150, 180, 200, 220, 240 (Length from the front end to the rear end of the cork. Plus 20 for the balancer with two pieces attached).


HB710LL / HB760L / HB760M: Adopts telescopic handle specifications.