Yukihiro Sawamura and the completed shallow cover game rod

The basic performance required for shallow cover game rods, “ shoot boldly, invite delicately, drag out reliably! ” As a method to maximize the S-TAV blanks characteristics to sublimate these elements to a higher level Introduced a drastic high taper. Furthermore, by adopting a Torzite ring guide, we succeeded in achieving both overwhelming lightness, sensitivity, stickiness and power that cannot be thought of as 6′ 10″. The tapered design that changes the bend curve according to the load has a wide range of weight capacities and has the ability to fit any power game from high specific gravity no sinkers to heavyweight Texas rigs. A self-confident work created without any compromise by repeatedly building up and errors with Yukihiro Sawamura. It is exactly the perfection of the flagship model. Super Techna Casting Rod

Suggested price: 91,000 JPY

Super Techna Casting Rod

Torque & sharpness created by innovation and passion

Fenwick’s technology, which made the world’s first graphite rod, continues to evolve over more than half a century. Super Aramid Veil used in Super Techna is a highly elastic aramid fiber base sheet that is stretched around multiple angles like a non-woven fabric. The blank alone has succeeded in reducing the weight by about 15% (compared to our company).

Stronger than the Techna GP, which uses normal aramid veil, has a sharp and sharp finish, and feels like a golden wing. The fusion of aramid veil torque and golden wing metal sensitivity. It can be said that Fenwick’s technology and passion for rod development are the results of more than half a century of history. The Super Techna series is researched and developed only for specifications that maximize the material properties.

By using it together with the Techna GP or Golden Wing Tour Edition, you can build a lineup without gaps. Each professional staff, such as Sawamura Yukihiro and Yoshida Koji, is also fighting the tournament scene with Super Techna as a handpiece.

Guide: Titanium frame + Sic ring guide made by Fuji Kogyo (some models are titanium frame + Torzite ring guide). Fenwick original finesse guide system.

Fenwick original rounded trigger reel seat.

High Modulus Graphite
Super Aramid Veil

cross bag

Fenwick Super Techna

Super Techna series specifications

Blank: High elastic graphite + Super aramid veil, unsand finish, Guide: Titanium frame + SiC ring

Model equipped with Torzite ring guide


Original finesse guide system

The micro-size that suppresses the interference to the blank of the line as much as possible and suppresses the smooth bend and twist is arranged in the tip part. Reduces resistance during line discharge and enhances the rectification effect to achieve smooth line discharge.