Fast-moving special


7’4 “M number specializing in fast-moving tactics. By adopting HI-DENSITY ARAMID VEIL with a high taper, it has an amazingly light feel that makes you feel no dullness or length at all while having extremely good characteristics. A special rod that supports a wide range of reeling style fishing, whether hard bait or soft bait, has been completed. Most notably, it is created from a flexible middle section and a strong hard bat. A long cast performance is superb. By turning the tip from the takeback at a high speed, letting out the blur and converging, you can taste a sharp cast feel as if you were playing. Total length: 7’4 “, Line: 8-20lb , Luer weight: 7-21 g, Action: MS (medium throw)

A new flagship model that spins the history of Fenwick

Fenwick “Aces” Asys is born Sawamura Pro talks hotly

Fenwick Aces explained by Yamaoka Pro

In the history of fishing rod manufacturing for over 60 years, Fenwick has accumulated research and development on the various parameters that make up the rod such as material, manufacturing method, structure, and design, and as a fishing rod with original ideas and technical capabilities We have pursued functionality. The appearance of innovative fishing rods that color the history of Fenwick, such as the famous name, fen glass, HMG graphite, boron X, and techna series created in each era background, shocked anglers around the world, The superiority was highly valued and continued to be loved. Its identity has been handed down to Fenwick’s product products and has been handed down to the present with repeated new challenges and innovations.

The ACES series is the most suitable material currently conceivable for the concept and method of each model from the series composition of each blank material that has been in the Fenwick rod so far to cope with more technically subdivided modern bass fishing. , The manufacturing method and structure are combined in the right place for the right place, and it is designed exclusively with advanced guide settings and balance. From the idea of ​​applying the blank material to the fishing method, it has been redesigned to the concept of incorporating the blank material into the fishing method, and it consists of a specialty model that pursues more expertise specialized in methods and techniques. A series without blind spots, consisting only of ace numbers, gathering the best of the technology that has been cultivated over the long years of Fenwick rods. That is the concept of the new flagship model ACES.

Suggested Price: 59,000 yen (excluding tax)
[Four blanks that make up the series]


Full-body aramid veil reinforcement based on highly elastic graphite with low resin. Furthermore, by adopting nano resin in the butt part, the next generation shaft that satisfies the basic performance required for the bass rod such as overwhelming lightness, sensitivity, repulsive force, and torque feeling has been completed. Main blanks at the heart of the ACES series.


High-density blank design with an emphasis on moist tenacity and deep torque. Aramid veil reinforcement by combining multiple graphite cloths with different elastic moduli for each section. Furthermore, by adopting nano resin in the butt part, it is finished in blanks where the lifting power and rigidity that stand up are outstanding.


In order to realize ultra-lightweight, high sensitivity and sharp operability, a construction composed solely of pure graphite are adopted. By applying nano resin reinforcement to the bat part based on the highly elastic graphite that has been made low resin as much as possible, an ideal shaft that has both dry lightness and sensitivity, but with a supple torque feeling, has been completed.

New fourth blank material in 2019


Composite shaft reinforced with bat section using nano resin graphite + aramid veil on ultralight UD glass base material. Furthermore, unnecessary blanking and twisting of the glass material is suppressed by tightening the blank whole body with 4-axis reinforcement. Advanced blanks that achieve the same lightness, high sensitivity, and bat power as graphite rods by completely wiping the negative parts while taking advantage of the supple characteristics of the glass base.


Fenwick Asys 3-year warranty
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Aramid veil

By winding aramid veil as a reinforcing material, we succeeded in maximizing the characteristics of both materials. A torque rod that is supple, smooth, sticky, and full of resilience has been completed. Reinforcement without blind spots with aramid veil is highly resistant to twisting and crushing and has a muscle-like function, unlike any other rod. * HI-STRENGTH ARAMID VEIL DESIGN and HI-DENSITY ARAMID VEIL DESIGN models

ACES series specifications

・ Guide: Fuji Industries titanium frame / SiC ring guide, Fenwick original ・ Finness guide system
・ Grip: Fenwick original ・ Small fore & shaped grip
・ Reel seat: Fenwick original ・ Trigger reel seat

Original finesse guide system

Semi-micro guide setting that suppresses line interference to the blank as much as possible and suppresses smooth bend and twist. Contributes to significant weight reduction while efficiently extracting the inherent sensitivity, power and torque of the rod. Furthermore, by using all-K guides, the smooth rectification effect of the line is increased and the smooth cast with reduced resistance is realized.