A rod designed for popper and jerkbaits



A twitching rod that enables comfortable twitching and jerking of poppers and jerkbaits and enables technical action.

The TAF manufacturing method (Triarchy Force) achieves the optimum balance of operability for comfortably continuing technical actions with blanks that combine “lightness” and “power”.

As a technical rod, it is a little longer than 6 feet 6 inches, but it does not put a strain on your wrist and allows you to twitch/jerk for a long time.

Also, even if you catch fish at a long distance, you can catch it without giving the initiative to the bus with “tenacity” and “torque” more than conventional rods.

FEATHER STROKE, a jerking rod that can technically approach all movements from casting and lure operation to fighting, is here.

  • New design "Triarchy Force manufacturing method" adopted Nano carbon blanks (100% domestic carbon specifications)

    New design “Triarchy Force manufacturing method” adopted Nano carbon blanks (100% domestic carbon specifications)

    All of the “material”, “design”, and “manufacturing method” of blanks have been reviewed by the “Triarchy Force manufacturing method”. We thoroughly pursue the basic performance “strength, weight, and sensitivity” of the rod, and are innovating the blank design to improve the performance. ・ CPC blanks (100% carbon design) ・ DPH structure (ultra-thin double density ply structure) ・ NS taper (natural straight taper)

  • Nano carbon blanks adopted

    Nano carbon blanks adopted

    Toray Co., Ltd. uses a carbon material that uses Nano Alloy® technology to realize a rod that is lightweight and highly sensitive in addition to its amazing strength and durability! *Nano Alloy® represents Toray’s high technology. Is a brand.

  • FUJI Titanium Guide / Torzite Ring / KR Guide Concept

    FUJI Titanium Guide / Torzite Ring / KR Guide Concept

    Equipped with the highest grade titanium frame torzite ring. The guide weight is reduced by about 50% due to the small diameter guide. The sensitivity has improved dramatically.

  • Micro guide system

    Micro guide system

    Micro guide system 4 different dimension specifications ① Ultra lightweight! The weight of the guide is 50% lighter than that of the conventional model ② Ultra high sensitivity! ③ Cast accuracy is improved! The result of suppressing rod shake and line fluttering to the utmost limit. (4) Greatly increased hooking power! Guides closely attached to blanks reduce power loss.

  • ABU original reel seat adopted (BC model)

    ABU original reel seat adopted (BC model)

    For the bait finesse model, a lightweight and compact reel seat of ABU original shape that uses “C6 carbon” and has increased rigidity is adopted. The ABU original reel seat developed by FUJI Industrial Co., Ltd. has been adopted for the general-purpose model and power model, improving holdability, operability, weight reduction, and strength enhancement.