6 feet 6 inches long with force number 6. This rod, known as the TRIPLE SIX, is specialized for cover games using frogs and heavyweight lures.  Its short length allows it to cast lures into complex cover and use swimbait or serpentine big bait to check around individual trees with ease, demonstrating its true potential in situations that demand accuracy. The TRIPLE SIX also excels at leveraging its ample power to jerk big minnows and trigger bites with intense waves and flashing.



This blank features micro-titanium fibers with high rigidity, resilient elasticity, distinct metallic feel, and shape memory characteristics combined with the high tension characteristics of super lightweight carbon fiber, bonded together with a dramatically reduced amount of resin compared to past models creating a high-density fusion of materials. The high-torque blanks with flexible tension have light and responsive performance. A very natural sense of control provides for a smooth and comfortable fishing experience.


A unique head-locking system by ITO Engineering that supports the rigidity of the blank like an eagle clutching prey in its talons. The lightweight aluminum framework directly transmits the vibrations sensed by the titanium shaft to the foot of the reel using its skeleton truss construction. The front hood bezel and fore handle section are combined, and the carbon screw head is fully cowled. The CLAWGRASP has an intuitive interface unique to the EVOLUZION.





Softly control Gou. Next generation wire (titanium) included.

the year of 2000. The world’s first titanium fiber implants and bus rods, which have passed the attention of anglers around the world, have arrived. It has been 18 years since the first generation Evolzion, who revered the world, debuted. Eventually Megabus will unveil a completely new titanium rod technology that seems to overturn even the laws of mass.
Needless to say, titanium, one of the lightest metals with shape memory properties, is surprisingly light and strong. It is a wonderful metal with supple elasticity and quick restoration. However, it is only a story in the world of metal materials. Carbon, a carbon fiber, has a lighter specific gravity than any metal. No matter how light titanium is in the metal world, the carbon fiber is lighter, as shown by its specific gravity. When the shaft is manufactured, the all-carbon shaft cannot produce the same rigidity and strength as titanium. However, it was also a fact that it finished slightly lighter.

However, after 18 years, Megabus Rod Factory and ITO Engineering, as if trying to overthrow the law of conservation of mass so far, “unlightly unprecedented” lighter than all carbon graphite rod, ultralight metal We challenged “shaft”.

Let’s start with the conclusion.
The newly born ALL NEW EVOLUZION is Ave: -17% g lighter than the previous EVOLUZION shaft, and its critical fracture strength is increased by more than + 30%. Although the mass of titanium itself cannot be changed, the arrangement of the titanium fibers has been changed, the amount of resin surrounding the titanium fibers has been reduced to the limit, and the selection of carbon fibers containing the titanium fibers has been changed (NANO graphitization) Furthermore, it was re-engineered with a high taper shaft. In addition, the layered method has been devised, and new tuning concepts such as cutting patterns have been introduced, and fine tuning has been applied to reconcile the angler’s ideals with the unreasonable challenges of engineers. It may have been the emotions of the megabass craftsmen … sweat and tears that finally realized it.

Finally, the time has come for the world’s first titanium fiber composite rod, which is overwhelmingly lighter than the all-graphite rod of the same power. The tensile strength at break of titanium is toughness that surpasses that of carbon. Much better than low-elastic carbon, the supple spring elasticity is a viscous feel that can only be produced on titanium after 18 years. Easy to throw, lures actively swim, shallow bites ride easily. In addition, even after a full cast springback (return vibration), which is often found in dull carbon rods, titanium does not occur because of rapid vibration convergence. In other words, all of this can only be made with the metal “titanium”. It is a unique advantage.
The flexible response that can swing from light lures to over spec lures can be said to be “high adjustability” for various situations that are beyond versatility.

The time has finally come to experience the new sensation of fishing performance worn by ALL NEW EVOLUZION, which has reached the extreme of another dimension.