Christened the “Launcher” by Aaron Martens after his first cast on Lake Biwa, the F5-711XXG is designed with the backbone and action necessary to power bombing casts and complete control. Every added foot of casting distance translates into increased depth and/or time in the target zone, allowing you to get the most out of your medium and deep diving crank baits. However, casting is only half the battle; featuring a carbon/glass composite blank with a fast action, the Launcher quickly loads for maximum power and control for sweeping hook sets and tough fights with deep monsters. The Launcher is ideally suited for deep diving crank baits like the Deep X 300 and Deep Six and can even handle larger ultra deep plugs.

Model: F5-711XXG Launcher

Length: 7’11”

Lure: 3/8 to 1oz.

Line: 10 – 25lb. Action: Fast