The BANDERSNATCH’s tip sharpness captures short bites in rocky bottoms or around vegetation with light Texas rigs and jigs. Also ideal for tracing tight to structure with spinnerbaits, where precision and control are paramount.


※The photograph is a prototype.

Project shaft X. After 20 years, the destroyer is awakened again.

1996. DESTROYER was born, a destroyer that broke the preconcepts of all bus rods.
The technology of Megabus Rod Factory, which has reached the fifth generation after 20 years, has fed back the overwhelming prior art shown in the ARMS Super Legger. The connection between the first original, PHASE II, P3, and X7 will be armed with cyber technology that has accelerated evolution, and will result in the original destroyer again. High torque, highly acclaimed by successive Destroyer, has increased by more than 15% in all models compared to X7. The rare high-tension characteristics that kept sticking to the hanger were improved by more than 23% in the RacingCondition ratio from the bat section to the berry section. They are realized by the “Megabus Hybrid Graphite System”, a lightweight shaft with an overwhelming diet that cuts the average weight of the original original destroyer by 20% to 35%. Yuki Ito, the first original destroyer producer who made the goal of the ARMS Super Regierer, joined the project “SHAFT-X”. The new development team began to improve the shaft impact by sharply breaking the against wind. Ergonomics analysis staff engaged in ARMS development converted field tester impressions fighting in the field into 3D data. The round trip between the field and the development lab was well over 800 hours. In addition to the latest technology of virtual reality development that the 5th generation megabus factory is working on, the feelings that cannot be expressed in the figures required by life-long professional testers who face the competition sites such as Chris Zardin, Sometimes the guide arrangement was adjusted while the blank was being polished on-site, and sometimes the reel seat and grip were sharpened with a knife and packed without compromise. What is it for? And who is it for? We didn’t want to make a well-known bass rod, as the past Destroyer did. Mons is a hot real angler This is to create the world’s strongest bass fishing weapon that is equipped to strategically capture the tar. That is the only reason for naming THE ORIGINAL DESTROYER.