The SUPER DIABLO has evolved with the use of high-taper blanks. Megabass’ new multi-level variable-taper technology creates the optimal bending performance at each point along the blank, based on the weight load. Unlike the concepts behind past tapers, the various materials in the rod activate according to the load applied. The SUPER DIABLO is a model that allows you to truly experience this new technology that has been incorporated into the EVOLUZION series. This rod will control jigs and Texas rigs with precision. In situations with low loads it reacts as a fast taper rod, but when using large plugs with a medium weight-load, it functions as a medium-taper rod exhibiting plenty of torque. Under heavy loads, like when wrestling large bass out of cover, it can be used as a regular taper rod displaying extreme lifting power. The SUPER DIABLO was developed as such a multi-action performance rod, just like the original DIABLO. Its agility and ease of use allow for long competitions.