Development of the F4-610K focused on creating a well-balanced, multipurpose tool to enable anglers to perform at the highest level, across the widest possible range. Recommended for spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, screw baits, minnow plugs, softbaits and light Texas. 6’10” length and powerful KABT blank drive long casts and sure hooksets, while providing the sensitivity, balance, and ergonomics to generate precise, subtle rod work. The F4-610K is the most versatile model within the Orochi XXX lineup.

While the utilization of carbon graphite represented a revolution in rod building technology, the pace of graphite material evolution is not without constraints. In fact, much recent innovation has been driven not by blank material, but by advancements such as multi-axis technology. Against this backdrop, the Megabass design team embarked upon PROJECT KAIZA with a simple directive: explore new materials to further the evolution of blank performance. 

Out of this research was born kabt, a material and build process that results in a lighter blank, with higher load-bearing capacity and greater responsiveness. Leveraging the unique characteristics of next-generation microfibers with ASL shape-memory metal alloy, kabtstrengthens the load-bearing mid and butt section of the blank without requiring the use of excessive amounts of carbon graphite. To achieve this remarkable strength, three ASL multi-axis metal fiber layers are laid at 47-degree angles in a triple-layer pattern, which results in the “xXx” pattern from which the OROCHI xXx (OROCHI “KAIZA”) derives its name.

The result is a lighter, stronger blank, which successfully blends the sensitivity and performance of a carbon graphite tip section with the kabt’s ASL metal fibers, delivering the power of a heavyweight hitter packed in a featherweight’s frame. Harness the power of the unknown. Harness OROCHI “KAIZA”