Cranking special that fully supports technical cranking with small skill. Developed with the highest priority on cast accuracy to throw the crankbait into the cover in rivers and reservoirs, with the flexibility to cast a 1/4 oz class small crankbait with light force, the torque that can firmly take control of unexpected big bass bite It is a competition-spec that has both.

Softly control Go! All New Tomahawk is finally here.

The rare fast-moving shaft, DESTROYER-TOMAHAWK, has evolved since its debut in 1996. The hybrid composite technology of low-medium elastic graphite and low resin fiberglass gives you an overwhelming power range that is up to about 20% more than the first generation, after actually feeding more than 32% of the weight of the first Tomahawk rod. Wearing. Extremely natural flexibility to ensure that the crankbait is vacuumed to the throat of the big fish without any discomfort. NEW Tomahawk has realized a sharp casting ability while taking advantage of torque bend. The fast-moving shaft, which you can’t let go of as you use it, finally arrives at the modern bass fishing field. The New TOMAHAWK series is a rod that “suppresses softness and stiffness” and achieves it with the ultimate comfort.