“Ropros” is a versatile spin that can handle the finesse rig as a whole, from fishing for lightweight hard plugs such as long-distance shading under strong winds. The overwhelming long-distance approach delivered from the 7-foot super long shaft greatly expands the productive zone of shads and small minnows, increasing the chance of working. In addition, it is highly compatible with various methods such as dragging on boats, Tektro from the shore, and lift and fall of mini vibes with long distance. The high-elasticity, high-tension manufacturing method unique to Ropros, originally developed as a long spin with excellent controllability, demonstrates high sensitivity that replaces the common sense of multi-piece long rods. Delicately manipulate finesse rigs such as cat rigs and down shots to capture topographic changes and instantly transmit short bites. Blanks with increased tension allow for precise hook sets that do not require long distances. “Ropros”, which creates an overwhelming advantage under tough conditions, can be stored smartly and compactly. Taking advantage of the storability, it is convenient if there is only one. A long approach spin that is ideal for anglers who are looking for a convenient and excellent multi-purpose model as a follower to a must-see.