A specialty rod specializing in the use of down shot rigs and lightweight jig heads with 2 to 3lb in high-pressure lakes and small fields. Using the all-solid rod flexible blank, it can be shaken using only the bending and line tension of the rod without moving the position of the rig. Even the slight bites under tough conditions that are difficult to convey to the hand not only tell the angler as discomfort to the tip, but also to the unexpected big fish to catch the fish fight with the whole rod, even if it is a light line It is finished in one that can prevent line breaks and raise the fish.

Finally here! ! Another world of ultra finesse.
Eat it. The hand-polished, extra-fine solid shaft gives you a deep big. This time KIRISAME can be used at the highest confidential level. 

Unprecedented solid rods specializing in “eating” so far, the ultra-fine blanks unleash, the torque that overflows enough to bend, and the amazing flexibility that creates supple clawfoot suspension characteristics. You don’t have to dig into the deep monsters you’ve finally eaten. You can definitely bring it to the landing and take the tough game boldly.

The newly-developed MEGABASS ALL SOLID GRAPHITE SYSTEM, a new embodiment of Megabus, thoroughly packs the clearance between the graphite fibers with a dense multi-elastic fiber laminate, which demonstrates a dense layer of laminated fibers. The high elongation and strength characteristics create an active torque characteristic that can fully follow the increase in load attenuation.

“Hand-carving solid action”, which makes sure that the picking bite that you touch, “makes it eat” and the follow-up of the tip and fastberry section is thoroughly improved, is by a skilled factory meister.

Completely hand-made with one and one exquisite tuning, KIRISAME is equipped with numerous new technologies that evoke expert anglers who have reached the heights of finesse games.
A rod to produce “results” that you want to handle at the highest sensitivity level in a tough field. This time KIRISAME will turn that fish that was not caught into a certain score.