So F1 Power Force (Light), flexible. Nevertheless, Sheikh linear. There is no languor. There is a tension in a metallic core with Kiri Innovation. So, there is no blur shaft. Shake well even without the pretense of a cast, and converge snugly. This is the greatness of the new manufacturing process and ultra-thin shaft matrix X4. It might be feeling … I, a new dimension of light was phenomenal, the former boron rod. So, with the power force F1, F2 can work in power. Though light action rod, to demonstrate phenomenal torsional rigidity, I would create a strong tension bat. The commercialization of X4 matrix, was finally realized, Shea key head. Welcome to the expert angler picky, I want you to get the rod to spinning rod. Including Wacky jig head, while allowing no sinker contacts and deep approach, of finesse, a very delicate approach, beyond the approach that is produced towards the Big Fish Hunter ranker that, always have. Impact of high tension characteristic is the definitive edition of a new generation light action rod.