CT (COMPACT & TOUGH), STEEZ has further evolved with a new concept. Equipped with a compact body and a φ30mm G1 duralumin CT SV spool. The CT SV spool, which has an outstanding initial speed rise, covers not only versatile performance but also finesse performance, achieving a cast feel that surpasses that of the past. The smooth winding comfort inherited from STEEZ SV TW is the result of the G1 duralumin machine cut drive gear. And the new “TWS” that matches the 700 size spool exerts a synergistic effect with the “SV CONCEPT” and realizes amazing accuracy performance. CT SV proposes a new versatile style.

In 2016, the SV, a versatile model that symbolizes the new generation of Steez, was born. In addition to the overwhelming lightness, it is fresh in my memory that the extreme specs with further long-distance casting performance and trouble-free performance attracted the attention of the world. The following year, 2017, A appeared with a tough concept. The solid feeling of rigidity due to the super metal housing and the robustness to complete the hard work corresponding to the thick thread pioneered a new scene where Steez is dynamic.

And in 2019, the third Steez Bait Reel CT SV will finally be born. A full new compact body that sets it apart from the two existing models is loaded with an ultra-compact, high-performance engine to greatly expand the range of lures used. There is a next-generation versatile machine that responds to the true answer that modern bass anglers seek and the reality of the field.

CT = compact & tough. The symbol of the new model is the CT SV spool with an ultra-small diameter of 30φmm, which is the smallest in DAIWA history. From lightweight lures to big bait class, the original SV already covers fishing with the bait tackle that you can think about. The next CT SV aimed for an even ultra-lightweight class with excellent high-speed performance that can handle rigs weighing less than 5g. Not only is it no longer inferior to bait finesse machines, but it has reached an area approaching spinning.

G1 duralumin is used as the material. While achieving both high rigidity and light weight, the strength is ensured by giving a sufficient wall thickness. I’m no longer worried about vulnerability. It is possible to shift to the bait finesse range using 10 to 14 lb. As the axis, and sometimes 6 to 8 lb. Furthermore, it is expected to challenge the heavy cover on the PE line. It is possible to challenge any scene within the frame of 10 lb. × 80 m, which is necessary and sufficient for actual battle.

The CTS V spool, which boasts an ultra-small diameter of 30φmm and full strength, realizes a high rotational force that far exceeds the 34φ installed in the two existing models. Even an ultra-lightweight rig has excellent start-up and instantly reaches top speed. The synergistic effect with TWS that does not interfere with line emission realizes smooth flight without trouble. Marks an outstanding flight distance even with a light swing and a compact cast that utilizes only snaps. Skilled backhands and flipcasts are likely to boost the immediate master.

The gear ratio is 6.3 700H and 8.1 700XH. With one rotation of the handle, 59 cm and 76 cm, winding and shooting, we have prepared two models to complete each. Now you are ready to meet the tough modern fields with a more delicate and versatile approach.

Tester impression

“Even with a light lure, the spool rises well, it flies firmly, and it does not backlash. There is no need to talk about that now.”

Kotaro Kawamura has had a great influence on the direction of the Rod Steez SC series that he has been developing since the impact of the SV reel. It was a surprising point of view that the land champion, who had already put it into action, admitted to the CT SV.

“When you hold it shallowly with 1 to 2 fingers and palm it firmly with 3 fingers. It can be tilted in all directions, vertically, horizontally and diagonally, and the fit is excellent with any gripping.”

Kotaro Kawamura

The full new compact body not only fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, but also has an ergonomic design with smooth curves that do not touch your fingers. Its comfortable feel produces unexpected by-products.

“When fishing with delicate slack, you need to have a light grip. You can clearly see the effectiveness there. Above all, it is a strong ally that contributes to the improvement of cast accuracy. There is a big advantage that can not be seen in the specifications. “.

Kawamura knows the tough spot where even one throw can’t be wasted. It seemed that he had already found a chance to match with the SC series.

On the other hand, what about the eyes of tournament pros? Naoto Kawaguchi agrees with Kawamura’s opinion about how to compete in the top 50 of JB’s highest peaks.

“The trajectory of the lure is definitely in the intended direction. When shooting a pin spot, the cast is decided because the spool rises well.”

On a boat facing the shore, a composition that is clearly advantageous for pitching and flipping in short-range battles comes to mind.

“The release point is wide, even if it’s the lightweight rig we’ve traditionally used in spinning.”

Nail cost rate 3.75in to 1 / 32oz. Nail. A lightweight rig that falls below the traditional bait finesse category accurately shoots pins on the 8lb. Line.

“Inevitably, the number of thicker lines will increase. As a natural result, the catch rate will increase. The number of spinning boats in the Kasumigaura water system has decreased dramatically.”

The game is completed with 3 models of SV, A, and CT SV around the cover. The division of roles of bait reel becomes clearer. Shuya Akabane feels the same response.

“In the palm of your hand, you can see that the small caliber and high-strength spool is definitely working. Not to mention when casting, you can feel it especially when fishing with a roll.”

Akabane chooses CT SV as a new companion for bait finesse plugging. Sufficient rigidity and line capacity that does not make you feel the red zone are already feeling great advantages with a small and lightweight plug.

“You can feel a certain winding with a small crank that has some resistance. Even with shad, you will be able to imagine the underwater situation more clearly.”

The engine part hidden in the compact body is transmitted to the angler as if it amplifies a slight change. Combined with the excellent fit, the CT SV is likely to be an underwater eye.