Super Triumph

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World standard MH + Versatile that balances “mounting” and “hanging” in high dimensions.

Super Triumph

Super Triumph, who started development focusing on the slow roll of the heavy spinner bait, which is a trump-condition technique, and saw the completion as a world-standard MH + (medium heavy plus) versatile rod.

In order to concentrate and complete the slow roll that requires simple but delicate lure operation, and to win the fishing, the performance of the rod is very important as well as the lure. The rod that I loved was Inspire Triumph, a famous name that Katsutaka Imae created and adored the world. It is a legendary rod that Shimizu has a strong passion for in the Combat Stick History, which has been the result of fighting numerous tournaments in Japan and the United States in combination with the first lure and D zone.

Super Triumph was born here, having inherited the name of Triumph to mark the history of Combat Stick beyond its legend, and further evolved with cutting-edge technology.

Supershaft, which can be played without loss even with full cast power and achieves an overwhelming flight distance, at the same time has a sensitive tip that firmly feels the subtle vibrations of far and deep blades. The sensitivity is that Shimizu says, “I can see how the bus is chasing the lure”. And the tip follows the suction of the bus at the same time. Quickly hooking with a berry that has the ability to detect the moment of inhalation and the power to penetrate the jaw of a big fish. In addition to the functions necessary for the spinner bait slow roll, “fly” and “feel”, the contradictory elements of “carrying” and “hanging” are compatible at the world level.

The exquisite tension and taper setting of MH + (medium heavy plus) is applicable not only to slow rolls but also to all kinds of spinner baits such as medium speed retrieve, fast speed retrieve, and gargling. At the same time, the performance is a great advantage for soft bait winding techniques, which are difficult to move from sensing atari such as rubber jig swimming or Texas rig swimming until deciding on hooking.

Fly, feel, ride, hang … Of course, it also supports a wide range of general soft bait techniques such as pulling, lifting and falling. Super Triumph is the world standard MH + (Medium Heavy Plus) that demonstrates versatility in all techniques of all single hook lures, including offset styles that require hooking power compared to treble hooks.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Spinnerbait / Heavy Spinnerbait / Braided jig / Swimming jig / Texas rig / Light Texas rig / Carolina rig / Football jig / Finesse rubber jig etc…

■ Synergy Development Story 2 is here


    • Realizing the high-level requirements of Morizo ​​Shimizu through integration with Daiwa Technology . The top guide to # 7 guide are reinforced with 45 ° fiber “X45” which is strong against twisting. In addition, the bottom bat section from the # 7 guide is reinforced with a three-axis fabric “3DX” that has a strong honeycomb structure. The synergistic effect of the main material that governs the tone of the rod and the technologies “X45” and “3DX” provides both power and lightness. In addition to hooking performance and lifting power, cast distance & accuracy and operability are greatly improved.

Guide system
While setting the emphasis on durability with the Fuji stainless frame and double foot guide (SiC ring), the small diameter contributes to weight reduction. In addition, the tip, belly, and bat parts have their original settings at the optimum positions according to the taper design and bend curve so that each part can fully play its role.

Grip and reel seat
Emphasizing gripping performance and operability, a slim and lightweight blank touch-type Fuji ECS reel seat and cork & separate grip are used. The grip end is equipped with a proof of Morizo ​​Shimizu production and a metallic red & silver synergy original end plate. Grip removable.