Model Number:CZS-65ML





Lure Weight (oz):1/8-3/8

Line Weight (lbs):5-10


Rod Weight (g):110

Rod Weight (oz):3.9

Guide Type:Fuji KR Stainless frame + SIC ring

# of Guides:Top + 7pcs

Reel Seat:Fuji VSS

Handle:Cork Separate

Grip Length (mm):205

Grip Length (in):8.1

Easy to cast and easy to operate. The debut of the new rod “Corzza”! The essential entertainment of Bass fishing. The flexible Corzza makes it possible to cast far. Let the rod do the work for you. We reduce the angler’s jiggle itself at casting, and cast to pinpoint locations. Of course it’s not only flexible. The butt section receives the weight of lure during long casting, the blank, on which we mounted “Micro Pitch Cross Force”, makes it easy to cast far, absorb the power of a big bass and exert the power by which you can reel in your catch. Due to our manufacturing of the rods being produced manually, processes such as adhesion at the time of parts assembly, epoxy coating, and the painting process can be affected.