Physical strength is a critical issue when doing saltwater fishing, however, most of the saltwater rods are designed for high strength, so not focus on the other features too much like weight, tenacity, and balance.

BlueWay is focusing on the performance of fishing, uses a big taper concept for blank design for maximizing the blank strength without gaining weight.

Except for the high-quality Japan carbon graphite, we also use the Aramid Fiber to increase the tenacity of a blank. Aramid fiber is difficult handling material during blank making process, we tried all the possible manufacturing process and options, therefore created this high-performance blank.

We made a perfect balancing about weight, strength and action blank design, it’s easy to do all kind of jigging technique, high sensitivity, high bouncing, enough rod power to hook setting and absorb the shocking from fish fight, therefore can make you feel comfortable and save your physical strength.  

   According to rod action to design reel seat size.

Double-layer winding for all guides, to avoid guide foot damages blank under hard and long-time fish fighting.

45° cutting rear handle design for light jigging series, it helps the stability when rod leaning on the side of the boat.

We use high-density EVA as an infilling of reel seat for slow jigging series, it’s lightweight, high hardness and excellent conductivity for strength and sensitivity.             

LEGIT DESIGN does the guide setting for each model. Guide setting is according to rod action, different model has a different action, therefore the guide setting will be different among each model, we would like to maximize the performance of each blank.                                                                                                 

Light Jigging casting model and Slow Jigging series use Fuji ECS/TCS/T-DPS reel seat, those reel seats are having a simple shapes of handling part, so you may feel comfortable no matter what holding style you have. Light Jigging spinning models use Fuji VSS reel seat, which helps the stability of rod holding.  

 You may identify the rod action by visual. We use white glow color line for tip section guide threading, the area of white glow threading is according to different action of each model (Faster action shorter, slower action longer).                                                                                                                              

Solid Tip Concept Model ( Light Jigging Series )

We are pursuing the extreme of ideal light jigging rod design concept – Jigging Action and Sensitivity. Tried all the possible material recipes, we finally decided to use carbon graphite solid tip technology for our special model of Light Jigging series.

We also paint a short fluorescent yellow on the rod tip for visual identification.

 ML Model: Water Depth < 100M / Jig Weight 40g – 150g, Max 200g
 M Model: Water Depth < 150M / Jig Weight 80 – 200g, Max 250g
 MH Model Water Depth < 200M / Jig Weight 100 – 300g, Max 350g
 The designing concept is overcoming the strong current, blank design focusing on operability, sensibility, stiffness, and tenacityTip section has nice spring-up power, makes your jig action nicely. Strong spring-up power of butt section helps to overcome the current easier.