1. The spinning model adopts Fuji’s VSS seat and TVSK hood, reducing looseness with uplocking.

  2. The casting model adopts Fuji’s micro trigger seat, a trigger without bulkiness corresponds to a d elicate approach and power play as well.

  3. It is natural that if the fishing style is different the rod shall be selected accordingly, we selected different elastic carbon sheets of 24t, 30t, 36t, 40t for each model, and created blanks suitable for each style with a feeling only achieved as if it is a high end product.

  4. The lighte stmodel w ith t hin rings and titanium frames, downsizing became possible by expanding aper tures, and it also became possible to use a smaller guides.


  1. BBS-511XL-AS The very best finesse【ALL CARBON SOLID】

    ¥21,000 (Not including tax)

  2. BBS-64L For The Shading specialists

    ¥18,500 (Not including tax)

  3. BBS-64L-XLST For The Worming & Small rubber jigs【SOLID TIP MODEL】

    ¥19,500 (Not including tax)

  4. BBS-69L-ULST Finesse for the long casting【SOLID TIP MODEL】

    ¥19,500 (Not including tax)

The new bass rod series from Quon which released the ultimate standard rods for beginner to tournament anglers, with rod actions such as Trickster and Bastard. These are the ultimate standard rods for beginner to tournament anglers, with rod actions such as Trickster and Bastard. These are the ultimate standard in rods with a reasonable price but diverse l ine-up and advanced blanks that are full of detail. The lineup suitable to various tackle, field and fishing style and all with different qua lities, one by one rather than just a multi bass rod such as de dicated plugging, jig dedicated model, or for tough conditions model. The blanks have different materials for each model for delicate finesse rods, it is based on 36t carbon material with superior s ensitivity, 24 to 30t for moderate stickiness, 40 t carbon material for heavy rods requiring more power. By subdividing for each model and combining different kinds of different elastic materials, we have succeeded in producing specific rod actions. In the search for further strength, the blank sheets are wound not only in one direction (0 degree) but also in the direction of 90 degrees and tightened with a carbon tape in the direction of 45 degrees. Th e multiaxial structure dramatically improved the rigidity and t wisting and crushing. The guide is a stainless steel frame SiC guide made by Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. which is excellent in durability, this series also adopts a new standard thin ring “SiC-S”. Even compared to the current SiC ring, it is lighter with higher sensitivity due to the weight reduction and the inner diameter of rings have also become wider, It also he lps to improve the casting distance. The reel seat of the baitc asting model adopts a NEW micro trigger seat manufactured by Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. Easy to grasp, trigger with no wasted part and excellent operability. EVA is applied for grip. It has excellent durability and does not slip on rainy days and wet hands. With the fusion of technology cultivated with Quon and advanced parts, everyone enjoys the essence of bass fishing casually,these are truly the ultimate standard in bass rods.