UL (Ultra Light) action spinning that can delicately approach low activity and threaded bass

An ultra light action rod with a delicate tip that is ideal for ultra tough conditions where short bites occur frequently.

With a tip that delicately manipulates down shots and no sinkers, and also reliably captures extremely small bites.

Ultra light rig rod with torqueful butt power that can be surely brought into hooking

Affordable, full-scale almighty bass fishing rod with specs!

Specs that both beginners and experienced people are satisfied with! The best match for the “rig, lure” you want to use, easy for anyone to handle,

Full-scale specs that even those who have experience in bass fishing can understand, and a carefully selected lineup that has been carefully selected.


1. FUJI Concept O-ring / Guide

2. Original reel sheet

3. PET case

4. Cloth Bag that can be hung on the shoulder

5 ・Rod belt included