Length: 6′ 3″

Power: MedLight

Lure: 1/8 ~ 3/8 (3.5g ~ 10.5g)

Line: 7lb-14lb

Taper: Reg Fast


The 6.3″ length makes it great maneuverability for light rigs such as Nekorig and Smolaba, and for tempo fishing with small plugs. Tight blanks allow you to operate the light rig and twitch such as shads. , It can be done lightly as the angler intended.

Many anglers’ fields are Okapari, such as reservoirs and small rivers.
I went to the field many times and pursued what is needed according to the diversifying fishing styles and lures.

The “AVENGE” series was born from the on-site principle.

The superiority of semi-long grip The
bait rod*1 is equipped with a semi-long grip. You can hold the grip end firmly with the puller, so a more stable and comfortable cast is possible. Also, with the moment set at the rear of the rod, you can easily separate the rod vertically during warming, and you can develop stable reeling simply by attaching the grip to your arm during moving. In addition, by holding the end grip aside and supporting it with your body and arms, you can fight with death with an advantage. In order to reduce the feeling of discomfort when changing the rod, the grip has a unified length, and the grip joint*2 allows the rod to be made compact, so movement is not a problem.

*1 Excluding B63ML-RF and B63MH-RF *2 S74MH-RF is a bad joint