Precautions for use
・ Summing with a spool rim may cause anodization due to friction. In particular, perform summing on the spool surface of the spool.
・ When winding a line on the spool, applying excessive tension may cause damage. When winding a stretched line such as a nylon line, use it with a light tension.

This is a microcast spool (custom spool) developed for Shimano’s bait reel and 18 BANTAM MGL released by Avail.
The line capacity has also been adjusted to accommodate fishing scenes that take advantage of the rigidity that is the aircraft concept.
There are two models, the shallow groove type 18BTM36RI and the deep groove type 18BTM58RI. Both spools are designed with less line capacity than genuine spools.

The shallow groove type 18BTM36RI is suitable for pitching with Texas rigs and rubber jigs, and for casting styles such as crank baits at short pitches with good tempo.
* As of July 2018, the brake unit is only used after transplanting the unit from the genuine spool. Regarding the magnetic brake, a special product will be released at a later date, so please wait for a while.
* We recommend using Avail NEW SVS Infinity puller to safely remove and install the centrifugal brake unit.