Model name
MicrocastSpool SXUM1640R (groove depth 4.0mm)

◆ Product Introduction

Moram SX1600C Ultra Mug, microcast spool for IVCB.

The SXUM1640 microcast spool, which had many requests, was renewed and reborn as the SXUM1640R microcast spool. It can also be used with UltraMAG compatible models such as Forell, S2, and S2-V.

The IVCB can also be used by replacing the genuine brake unit.

When using with the SX Ultra Mag Series, the braking force is greatly reduced compared to the genuine product. Replace with a φ5mm × 2.5mm or φ5mm × 3mm magnet.

In that case, the range in which Magtrax can be used is reduced.
◆How to use

When using with Moram SX 1600C IVCB series, transplant the brake unit.
Please refer to the usage Microcast Spool SXUM series for how to transplant the brake unit.
◆ Color variations




Champagne Gold

Back view

◆ Specifications

【basic specifications】

・ Material
Spool part: Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft part: Super duralumin (hard anodized)

Microcast Spool SXUM1640R: 7.4g
Genuine spool Moram SX 1600C ULTRA MAG: 13.5g

・ Applicable reel
Moram SX 1600C, 1601C IVCB
Moram SX 1600C, 1601C Ultra Mug
Moram SX 1600C, 1601C Ultra Mug FORELL
Moram SX 1600C, 1601C Ultra Mug S2
Moram SX 1600C, 1601C Ultra Mug S2-V

[Line capacity]

The above figures are measured by winding a nylon line (Versatile design) from Yamato Tegus Co., Ltd. under the spool rim.

When summing with a spool rim, anodizing may occur due to friction. Summing should be performed on the spool surface of the spool.