RG-C, “Run & Gun Custom” for short casting



Alcance RG-C body
Alcance upside
Alcance RG-C side


Run and gun style fishing

Look back at your fishing life. Perhaps you would have caught 70%, or 80% of fish by short casting.
Alcance RG-C is the dedicated model and specially tuned for pitching or side casting which is important in bass fishing.
Alcance pursues the concept of versatility and Alcance RG-C is dedicated to short casting. Two types of Alcance bring another small innovation to bass fishing.

  • Pursue casting response within 15m and optimize line capacity and brake performance.
  • Provide adaptability for casting lighter lures and enable you cast a lure low over the water, which is unthinkable with enable to cast existing 34mm diameter spools.
  • With the 34 mm diameter spool, even thick 16 lb. line is less likely to curl, you can control a lure as you imagine.



Alcance RG-C body with spool

Introduce RG-C spool in the heart of the reel to support a thick line. Enable anglers to cast a light lure with a thicker line.


Alcance RGC spool

Ultra-light 34mm diameter spool improves dramatically fast-paced, precise casting at a short distance.


Introduce the short pitch type of brake cam lifter to the RG-C brake system for accurate casting.
Fine adjustment brake for sensible fishing.


Alcance RGC knob

Equipped with a duralumin offset handle and EVA flat knobs.
Knobs and body of RG-C are successfully light-weighted which provides fast-paced pitching for run & gun style.