Combines the sharpness to control a light rig and the power to handle big bass

It has the sharpness to operate the light rig with good response and the power corresponding to the big bass. With excellent flight distance, Lonk Length is suitable for long-distance capture of vast lakes and Okappari.

A variety of lure aptitude and delicacy have been refined to revolutionize modern bass fishing again.

Versatile Rod Zodias, which has been trained in the United States and Japan and recognized around the world, has further refined its sensibility. The newly designed lightweight, thin structure and reliable powerful blanks use the carbon monocoque structure that was previously installed only in high-end models. It quickly detects changes in the terrain and vibrations transmitted from fish, and transmits them clearly to your hand like an electric signal. Since you can imagine the water more clearly with each cast, it will be directly linked to an efficient game. We also have a new lineup of models that meet the needs of modern anglers, such as 2-piece glass composites, solid tip baits, and long-length 2-pieces. We will set a new global standard for bass rods.


hollow structure that is 30% higher than before transmits vibrations in water realistically!

The rear grip is finished in a hollow structure integrally molded with carbon, and Shimano’s original rod technology “Carbon Monocoque Grip” is adopted to transmit vibrations from underwater lively. The changes in the water that are transmitted to you through the blanks are clear and clear. In addition to the information transmission capability that achieves 130% higher sensitivity than before, the innovative mechanism with unprecedented lightness combines excellent functions and design. You can experience the difference in more severe conditions.


The high power X spiral engraved on the blanks is a proof of a powerful rod.

Reinforced structure that suppresses twisting that occurs during casting and fighting

By tightening the outermost layer of the blanks in an X shape with carbon tape, the original excellent performance of the blanks is fully demonstrated. When casting, it prevents the tip from twisting and delivers it to the target spot of the lure, and its sharp tension enhances hooking power and contributes to power fighting.

Perfection sheet XT

Achieves thorough weight reduction while being excellent in grip and power transmission. The lightening structure that uses carbon reinforced material CI 4+ realizes light and delicate action.

Perfection sheet XT

The spinning model uses a lightweight and highly sensitive reel seat with improved holdability. It enables delicate rod work and conveys the intended action to the underwater lure.

Part number is displayed on the end grip

Item display of each model is easy to judge at a glance on the end grip part of the carbon monocoque structure. You won’t hesitate when setting the tackle or when changing hands.