“Rolling” changes. The birth of a new RYOGA with a “DR design” that realizes “fishing”.
A tough and tough RYOGA is reborn. Ultra-high rigidity and high-precision machine cut peculiar to RYOGA A new type housing that can be gripped lightly in pursuit of palming performance by applying its own precision machine cut to the super metal housing. And the winding sensitivity that surpasses conventional fishing. Even obstacles in the water are clearly transmitted, and even the story of catching a big bass is realized. That is the “DR (Detective Rotation)” design, which is a new design concept that pursues “winding” sensitivity. The best crazy cranker model for scrolls is the true value of the new RYOGA. Furthermore, a mag-shield ball bearing that protects against rust and ATD (with click sound) are used. The cutting edge of DAIWA round reels that are compatible with salt is here.
DAIWA’s new challenge
The first RYOGA was born in 2009 under the name of a tough legend. It is the first bait reel to be equipped with REAL FOUR, and it is the ultimate round shape that boasts excellent functional beauty due to the tough digital gear hidden inside and the machine-cut super metal housing on the outermost layer. So to speak, the innovative fusion of a large displacement engine and an ultra-rigid body is still being handed down, and its overwhelming strength and durability need not be said anymore.
Nine years after that, DAIWA Bait has gone through a turbulent era. Long-distance HLC, bait finesse AIR, and SV and TWS for trouble-free and comfortable performance. It is known that all of them have sought to improve castability and have focused on increasing the number of encounters with one fish that was previously out of reach. The best usability that can be obtained only with accelerator and brake work without the need for complicated shift work. Is it easy to understand when it comes to an automatic car that anyone can ride?
In 2018, DAIWA asked the next RYOGA for an unknown area that could be called Kansei engineering. While making full use of the cutting-edge reel technology that has been accumulated over a long period of time, he challenged the direction of improving the quality of sensibilities that cannot be expressed numerically. that is…DAIWA’s original “DR (Detective Rotation) design” is a new design concept that directly connects rotational performance to fishing results. The basis for this was the optimization of the engine and body structure, which had even higher output.
The HYPER MESH gear system maintains the ultimate smoothness and light rotation by achieving high meshing accuracy of the gear tooth surface, which is 1.5 times that of the conventional system, and increasing the strength. While strengthening the housing that supports the large gear, the side plate structure on the palming side is thin and compact. We have realized a one-piece structure that allows you to feel the spool rotation more directly.
Smooth winding comfort and a reliable grip. The moment he put it in his hand and started rolling it, the angler gained an amazing advantage.The optimal solution for the sensitivity of winding sensitivity . With the evolution of the gear and body as the axis, the new long handle of forged aluminum with high metal density and the thin and non-slip high grip knob that does not become larger than necessary realizes torqueful and smooth handling. Furthermore, the rigid SiC line guide clearly transmits the vibration from the line to your hand. By assisting everything and synergizing each other, RYOGA’s rotational performance succeeded in detecting even slight changes in water.
It is strong and of course, high rotation performance alone is meaningless. DAIWA’s new challenge “DR Design” will open up the next world standard for round shape baits.
Pro Guide Impressions

image“Gun” core of men fighting in big lake-RYOGA 1016 by Koji Hasegawa

“It goes without saying that DAIWA’s round shape is robust.”
Koji Hasegawa is a heavy user of DAIWA round shape bait that has been around for many years since the predecessor of the first RYOGA, Millionaire CV-Z. The alternative, though, has been praising the aluminum machine-cut monocoque frames lined up on the boat deck for over 20 years. There is no aging deterioration due to throwing and winding, and there is no wear due to the impact of being hit hard by the rough lake surface. That is the proof of trust.
“Reels have been thought of as an industrial product that gets lighter over time, because it definitely has a positive effect when throwing lures, but when it comes to winding, the answer is no.” For a long time, Hasegawa has acquired a line capacity 16lb. × 100m model as his favorite machine. In the past, the count was 100 in the deep groove, and in modern times it is 1016. The rod is combined with STEEZ 721HFB Wellesley and is often used for winding fishing with average size big baits and swimming jigs.
“18RYOGA has gained more power. Normally, when you wind a lure with low pulling resistance in the middle layer range, the sensitivity of the winding disappears as the reel itself has power. However, for some reason the hand sensitivity is overwhelming. Improved. ” A powerful gear will wind up the lure regardless of the angler’s intention. You should be able to complete the work only inside the reel before you can convey the changes in the water to your hands.
“For example, the top of the weed that remained slightly in the low water temperature period, the tiny rock in the weed in the high season. In the case of this RYOGA, the moment when the swim jig hits it slightly is transmitted to the hand through the handle knob. The more you wind it, the more sensitive it becomes, why? ” Although scientific proof is difficult, Hasegawa speculates that mysterious phenomenon.
“The combination of the rigidity of the machine-cut super metal housing without distortion and the gear ratio that is not too fast. And because there is a center of gravity, it is possible to realize winding without blurring, and you can feel a slight sense of discomfort.”
A theory of low center of gravity similar to swords and firearms. Weapons must have a certain amount of weight before they can be aimed and exert their original power.

imageCompletely equipped with “God-suspended sensitivity” -RYOGA 1520 by Jun Maeda

“You can clearly see the moment when you vacuumed the bass behind the lure.”
Jun Maeda, a professional guide who knows all about big lakes, mutters “I got it” and hooks with all his strength within 1 second. At the end of a fierce fight, if you approach the boat, you will find a super-thick individual that seems to be Rokumaru at the end of Monster Brave Z 20lb. It is said that the factor that attracts the divine notice home run is Lille, so 18 RYOGA holds all the keys.
“The trailer is a pintail worm on a swimming jig. It’s like a full cast lure with no pull resistance and keeps winding the empty middle layer at a constant speed. The rod and line are always in a straight line.” Maeda style Rokumaru specialized fishing method that keeps winding while holding a slight slack from the rod tip to the water surface. Occasionally, the spinnerbait slow roll also caught the front atari in the same way, which surprised the DAIWA reel development engineers. However, Maeda says, “It’s not a godsend.” The sharpened sensitivity is surely given by the reel.
“Including the rigidity of the housing, the handle is long enough for the strong gear, and the smooth rotation performance. My fishing is not completed with a reel that feels a little strange in everything.” Maeda’s axis count is the 1520, which stores 20lb. × 100m in a Φ36mm spool. Occasionally, 25lb. Is involved for about 75 to 80m, and it is not uncommon to challenge further super-class buses.
“It’s surprisingly easy to wind resistant lures, magnum cranks, deep cranks, and giant baits. Gears with a 150% tread in mesh not only increase smoothness, but also significantly improve power. Understand”.
The lineup is 5.4 for normal gear and 6.3 for high gear. It seems that he is confident in winding fishing even if the gear ratio is not too fast.
“Even if humans can wind slow gears fast, it is extremely difficult to wind fast gears slowly. Big fish cannot be deceived.”
Maeda’s other favorite machine, Z2020SH, pitched in the shooting fishing that makes an instant bite a thing. With two black bodies on the deck, Maeda heads to the wilderness today in search of his next prey.

Specification details
image■ Zero adjuster The
mechanical brake no longer needs to be adjusted again, only to suppress the backlash of the spool. The optimum braking force for each lure used was made possible only by adjusting the mag dial.
image■ High Grip I Shape Light Knob A
new shape of High Grip I Shape Light Knob. It was developed for the ultimate in thinness and a grip that sticks to your fingers.* The 1520 series is equipped with the first high-grip I-shape power knob.
image■ G1 Duralumin MAG FORCE Z SPOOL The
ultra-lightweight and ultra-high-precision “G1 Duralumin MAG FORCE Z” spool, which is finally installed in the new RYOGA, maintains high rotation and leads to growth in the latter half. The low trajectory growth during pitching is also excellent.

Daiwa’s waterproof and durable technology ” MAGSE ALED BALL BEARING ” has the greatest merit of eliminating rust and abnormal noise of ball bearings and maintaining initial performance for a long period of time. To do. If almost all ball bearings, not only for reels, are used for a certain period of time, the rotational performance deteriorates due to the wear of the balls. However, conventional ball bearings for reels are often unusable due to salt stains and rust before the balls are worn. This changes completely with Mag Shield. Ball bearings will reach their “original life” without any maintenance. Further, since the mag-shield ball bearing has a non-contact structure in which mag oil fills a slight gap between the inner ring and the electrode plate, the rotational resistance is originally very small. The difference in rotational feel is clear when compared to bearings that use rubber packing inside for waterproofing. Smooth rotation with infinitely zero friction is maintained for a surprisingly long time without any special care. It goes without saying how groundbreaking this is.

new dimension of gear and housing system created against the background of Daiwa’s proud tough gear material and the extra durability brought about by the support of the full super metal housing. Succeeded in securing 1.5 times more than the conventional one. By improving the meshing, it leads to the improvement of durability, and even with a heavy load, the palming hand can be grasped without force, and smooth and light handling becomes possible. ..
image■ ATD [Automatic Drag System] A
new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursued start-up and followability. For large spinning such as Saltiga, it is a setting that suppresses the decrease in drag force during fighting. Both were developed with the goal of being able to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings.
image■ MAGFORCE V / Z [MAGFORCE V / Z] The induct
rotor that slides smoothly by centrifugal force according to the spool rotation speed applies the brake only in the backlash zone in the first half of the cast, and extends to release the brake in the second half. Brake system.
image■ SPEED SHAFT [Speed ​​shaft] The
spool is only supported by the BB. The shaftless makes the extra resistance zero and the ideal spool rotation can be obtained.