The Antares DC is noted for its improved casting abilities, up to a 20% increase utilizing a combination of the new 4×8 DC module and the MGL spool. It is also, slightly larger than all other low profile offerings from Shimano, and we consider it closer to a 200 size frame. Sleek, sexy, and one heck of a performer, it’s one of this enthusiasts favorites as part of a true “Ultimate Combo”.

2016-2018 Features
The 2016-2018 Antares DC features Shimano’s MicroModule gearing, X-Ship for improved gear durability, Hagane Concept Body, MGL Spool, S3D, SilentTune, the revised 4x8DC Braking System that makes 1/1000th of a second adjustments, S A-RB, Super Free Spool, and is Dedicated for Freshwater.

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