Released in 2013, the Vanquish Limited was a limited edition model of the Shimano Vanquish released in 2012. The Vanquish Limited featured X Ship gearing, a CI4+ rotor, a magnesium frame, AR-C spool, S A-RB coated bearings (this makes the reel fine to use in saltwater). and a titanium coated ball bearing line roller. There were four limited models released, the C2000HGS which featured a gold 30mm Yumeya short handle and gold I shaped knob, the C2500HGS which featured a 55mm single black handle with a gold Yumeya I shaped knob, C3000SDH which featured a 45mm Yumeya MG double handle with 2 gold Yumea I shaped knobs, and finally the 4000XG featuring a 55mm single gold handle and a gold aluminum round handle knob.