Refreshed in 2012, the new Cardiff is only available in one size with two gear ratio options.  The C2000SS model is specially tuned for the Area Game with a low retrieve speed, extra shallow spool, and a specially tuned Area Drag.  The Area Drag, while still having the same max drag setting as the non Area Drag, has a lesser practical drag strength allowing for fine tuning on the water with light lines.  The C2000HGS model is designed to handle both the Area and Native trout games.  It features a slightly deeper spool and harsher drag curve for fighting fish in current and a higher gear ratio for varied retrieve speeds.  The C2000SS features a grey handle and the C2000HGS features a gold handle.


2012-2016 Features
The 2012-2016 Cardiff CI4+ features Shimano’s X-Ship for improved gear durability, MagnumLite Rotor, CI4+, Rigid Support Drag, S A-RB, One-Piece Bail, AR-C Spool, AR-C Light Spool, Easy Maintenance, X Aero Wrap, AR-C Light Spool, CF Gear, Easy Maintenance, X Aero Wrap, and is Saltwater Safe.

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