With shape memory properties, “Z-PBO fiber fiber” super dream. GTZ is Tomahawk, I grabbed the hearts of many Japanese experts who crankbait very quickly indeed. Hips and tremendous stickiness that can not be done in carbon, supple torqueful shaft bends. And, while still delivering the overwhelming strength that surpasses fiberglass, its weight has been achieved fiberglass cranking rod that approximately 69% (mean our ※), the total weight of a lightweight rod horribly.
This news arrived fought in the fast moving lure the vast field of the United States, but also to our ears Megabass USA professional. Fascinated by the combat capability of GTZ, and the pursuit of additional flexibility, they will be eager to high performance and torque.

At that time, was working on at the megabass, I was research towards the gear ratio of the reel will bring, to improve the performance of cranking. Working on “theory intercepting Putingu speed gear ratio”, this new theory, but the development of custom reel that anyone can embody.
IS73C of ultra high-speed and gear ratio (Competition), IS63L hyper-torque gear ratio is and was born, but (lariat). Again, the development of the concept NEW rod should be equipped with a reel of the two, the introduction of the Z-PBO fiber is the key.
Fully take advantage of the pitch and the action of the original crank bait, when using IS73C, which takes you through the play of absorption by the high-speed gear crank and jerk baits, flexibility is required to NEW telescopic rod blanks. And the gear ratio of the reel that produce high torque, by synergistic torque rod will produce, and make it eat reliably monster slow, when using IS63L, on the other hand, Ritoribu effortlessly big blade spinnerbait or deep crank, power in the sense of stability margin realize the landing.
Therefore, the development team of the new generation Megabass led by Yuki Ito did challenge boldly, was to synthesize the world’s first fiber Z-PBO with fiber and glass viscosity, high elongation ultra-high, the shape memory properties, high tensile strength, It was to produce a composite blanks unknown. That it does not lose stickiness and stiffness overwhelming, but supple, flexibility and sharpness of the new sensation.
In the American style, made ​​it possible to full-time cast crankbait or spinnerbait, its development code of the new shaft, GTA (Grand Tomahawk America). Tomahawk is, they evolve dramatically crankbait game again.

2012-2013 Features
The Destroyer Tomahawk GTA features Aitio Engineering Arms, Aluminum Monoblock HLS (Head Locking System PAT.), Aitio Engineering Triple Spiral Bone Architecture – High rigid body, Super sensitive metal frame seat, Megabass Carrozzeria, Atelier ITO Arms, Ergonomic natural wood gripping handle, Megabass Hi-Impact Multiplex Super elastic graphite blanks, Megabass Differential elastic carbon double story high stiffness GRACOMPO frame (PAT.), Legend inheritance ARMS tip (personal order), rounded reel minim ground clearance (When ITO Monoblock 100 is installed), ARMS super low profile, Fuji S.i.C Titanium frame guide ARMS wrapping thread, and Megabass Arms oval rear handle end.