Cardinal series that has attracted many anglers since its birth in 1965. What I aim for is always the ideal type of spinning. One of them is the size variation that is systematically developed. No matter what size you use, you can use the same feeling, so even if you change the hand, you can cast immediately and feel the same feeling. It is possible to arrange in the same series from trout of management fishing place to bass fishing and big game of the sea. Also, this year, models for salt water were enhanced, using a rust-resistant K-alloy aluminum die-cast body material. Cardinals such as Shalose pool to meet the needs of Japan, and HPR bearings with high anti-corrosion properties that sustain high rotation, will continue to keep fans alive. The accumulated results of many years are fully utilized in the latest items.

The body of the full metal housing design that emphasizes rigidity has outstanding strength. The surface is painted with body armor that boasts excellent wear resistance, and it is safe to handle it a little rough. All bearings use HPCR shielded bearings. It is resistant to water with anti-corrosion specifications and supports a wide range from fresh water to salt water. The size is the best 801 for trout, the standard size for bass and egging 802, the best for mainstream large trout and sea bass 804, the best for large target and offshore casting game 806, and the 807 for Jigging.

● Aluminum Body ・ Body Cover ・ Rotor ・ Bale Arm
● HPCR Anti-rust Shield Bearing
● Dual Shield Bearing
● Carbon Matrix Drag
● Large Bearing
● Loaded Line Roller
● Every Surface Treated Stainless Steel. Main Shaft Body Armor Painted
● Extremely Large Stainless Bail Wire
● Screw-in type machine cut handle
● Instant anti-reverse
● Weatherproof waterproof shield drag
● Aluminum spare spool
● Dedicated neoprene cover

Built in 6 ball bearings and 1 IAR bearing. Smooth rotation and a highly rigid handle with machine-cut design enable stress-free reeling. For 300 um, manage fishing area and trout lure fishing of mountain stream. The 301M is perfect for bass fishing. The 302M is Egging and mainstream trout fishing. The 304M is perfect for a sea bass. One spare spool is included to allow line replacement depending on the situation. The 301M also features the 301MS Shalose pool model, which can be used to wind light lines without waste.

● Machine cut design handle
● 6 + 1 bearing
● Two tone color aluminum spool
● Instant anti reverse
● Highly durable bale spring
● Spare spool included