Cardinal series that has attracted many anglers since its birth in 1965. What I aim for is always the ideal type of spinning. One of them is the size variation that is systematically developed. No matter what size you use, you can use the same feeling, so even if you change the hand, you can cast immediately and feel the same feeling. It is possible to arrange in the same series from trout of management fishing place to bass fishing and big game of the sea. Also, this year, models for salt water were enhanced, using a rust-resistant K-alloy aluminum die-cast body material. Cardinals such as Shalose pool to meet the needs of Japan, and HPR bearings with high anti-corrosion properties that sustain high rotation, will continue to keep fans alive. The accumulated results of many years are fully utilized in the latest items.

■ Stainless steel main shaft
The main shaft is made of stainless steel. It’s strong and smooth, and it’s safe to fight with big fish.

■ Carbon matrix drag
Same carbon matrix drag as bait reel. Coupled with the HPCR bearings used in the rollers, the line is released smoothly.

■ HPCR shield bearing
HPCR sheathed bearings with excellent anti-corrosion and smooth rotation even under oil-less conditions. Does not drop reel potential.

■ Aluminum spare spool
All models come with aluminum spare spools. If the line type and thickness are different, it is convenient to exchange them immediately.

601/601ALBS602/603/604/606 Model Notes
Cardinal compatible with salt using K-alloy material.  The 600 ALB, which has been added to the Cardinal Series, is a spinning reel with a view to salt water. The body adopts K-alloy aluminum alloy die-casting body, which has robust and high level of anti-corrosion performance. It does not rust even when exposed to salt water, and can be used safely in the sea. The bearing is an HPCR bearing, and its rotation performance does not deteriorate even if it is resistant to rust and lack of oil. It is also used for roller bearings where seawater can easily enter. A carbon matrix drag that achieves a smooth start like a bait reel drag can be exchanged with peace of mind, even when a big surprise arrives. The small 601ALBS has a shallow pool and is ideal for games that use a thin line like pebble. From the sea area in the bay area to offshore shrills and light jigging games, the size and spool variations of the six models cover a wide range of salt games.

● A tough K-Alloy aluminum metal material with the highest level of corrosion resistance among the aluminum alloys is adopted for the main body and side cover
● Seven HPCR bearings with excellent corrosion resistance are adopted (including roller bearings)
● Carbon matrix drag to achieve good sliding out
● Stainless steel main shaft
● Instant anti-reverse
● Aluminum spare spool for stocking by winding different line of thickness
● Machine cut handle which changed the shape of knob according to body size