4600C4 / 5600C4 / 5601C4 / 6600C4 / 6601C4
21st century C4 model with different basic performance
The function is added to the standard model ambassador. All models adopt a thumb-bar type clutch, the clutch is released while holding the rod, and it is possible to shift to the casting operation smoothly. A simple mechanism such as a six-point centrifugal brake, stronger drag due to a graphite-coated washer, and a bearing resistant to rust, etc., will follow up, further enhancing durability and strength. The 6.3: 1 high speed gear is ideal for fishing that requires fast winding and good return. Anti-corrosion IAR bearings are used, so it can be used with confidence in sea fishing, and it has three sizes that support a wide range of applications, from lure fishing casting to ship fishing.

● 6 point type centrifugal brake
● Instant anti-reverse (corrosion-proof IAR bearing adoption · salt correspondence)
● Crown cut brass gear
● High speed gear specifications
● Thumb bar type clutch
● Large-sized star wheel
● Nickel teflon coating
● Worm shaft
● Carbon matrix drag
● Left handle left and right Handle (left: 5601C4-6601C4 only)

■ Brass main gear carbon matrix drag
Durability, heat resistance, wear resistance Smooth sliding out special graphite coated multilayer washer. Main gear made of rust resistant brass

■ Finely adjustable 6-point centrifugal brake
Equipped with a 6-point centrifugal brake with a structure that does not easily fall off. As the number of brake blocks has increased compared to the past, the range of adjustment has been greatly expanded.

■ High durability coated worm shaft
Nickel teflon coated addition worm shaft with greatly improved durability and rust prevention performance. Can be used in Salt Water

4600C3 / 4601C3 / 5500C3 / 5501C3 / 6500C3 / 6501C3
Immortal ambassadors worthy of calling the world standard
Excellent cost performance, can be seen anywhere in the world, is a standard model of modern ambassadors are loved by many anglers. As it is a world standard model, it excels in basic performance, can be used in either fresh water or seawater, and supports everything from casting to lure fishing. Suitable for being called a standard model, there are three sizes, 6500s have less line capacity at 5000s and can be obtained at 7000s, hand-held flatfish, tie, magochi, flounder etc It is a model that is supported by the ship fisherman and basket fisherman.

● 6 point type centrifugal brake
● Carbon matrix drag
● Instant anti-reverse (corrosion-proof IAR bearing adoption · salt correspondence)
● Crown cut brass gear
● V shape spool
● Left and right handle (left: 4601C3, 5501C3, 6501C3)
● Push button type free spool (4600C3, 4601C3 only thumbbar clutch)