Monoblock Racing Viola

Name Monoblock Racing Viola
Base reel Daiwa Millionaire
Weight 6.95 Ounces
Material Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Sideplate
Bearing count 10+1RB
Gear ratio 5.8:1
Maximum Drag 8.82 Pounds
Handle length 80mm
Retrieve Right/Left
Brake System MagForce Z
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) 23 Inches
Line Capacity 14lb - 120m / 16lb - 105m
Year Produced 2011
Quantity Produced 26 Left Retrieve, 26 Right Retrieve
MSRP 92,190 ¥


Notes: Considered to be "The Holy Grail" of JDM bait casting reels by almost all enthusiasts (including ourselves), the Monoblock Racing Viola is, to many, the most beautiful, and sought after reel ever produced. All Monoblocks are incredibly stout, powerful, smooth, and refined, performers. Couple that with the extremely limited number produced, and color of the have all the reasons why it is considered the pinnacle of any collection, along with the rest of the Monoblock family.  The Viola is a collaboration reel between Bass World and Megabass Japan.  The reel was sold only at the Bass World store in person on December 10th 2011.  All 56 units were sold on a first come first serve basis starting at 17 o'clock JST.  Interestingly enough, the Monoblock Viola was the second Bass World x Megabass collaboration, the first being the ARMS Purple Sunburst earlier that winter.