TD-Z A.O.I. (Limited Edition)

Name TD-Z A.O.I. (Aoiakami)
Base reel TDZ 103H
Weight 5.9 Ounces
Material Magnesium Frame, Magnesium Sideplate
Bearing count 11+1RB
Gear ratio 6.3:1
Maximum Drag 8.8 Pounds
Handle length 90mm
Retrieve Right/Left
Brake System Magforce V
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) 26 Inches
Line Capacity 12lb - 90m
Year Produced 2006
Quantity Produced ~300
MSRP 47250¥

Notes: The TDZ A.O.I. (葵狼 Aoiokami) is a limited collaboration model between Daiwa and Tsunemi Co. LTD.  It has a modified Duralumin V spool with weight reduction holes and R+ tuning.  The handle is 90mm as well and drilled for weight reduction.  It features two Chinese characters, the first (葵) is the character of the Shogun Family, the second (狼) is the wolves.  It was released in July of 2006.