FXR-73d (Limited Edition)

Name FXR-73d (Limited Edition)
Base reel Daiwa T3 1016
Weight 6.52 Ounces
Material Zaion Carbon Frame, Plastic Sideplate
Bearing count 6+1RB
Gear ratio 7.3:1
Maximum Drag 11.02 Pounds
Handle length 80mm
Retrieve Left Only
Brake System Magforce 3D Braking
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) 29.9 Inches
Line Capacity 12lb - 40-80m / 14lb - 35-70m
Year Produced 2015
Quantity Produced  
MSRP 48,384 ¥

Notes: The FX is made in Thailand and inspected in Japan for quality by Megabass. It is also equipped with Daiwa's T Wing System (TWS) and SV spool. This model was offered by the Megabass Premium Store for a limited time.