APIA Ventura

A special collaboration reel, the APIA Ventura was released in September 2015.  The reel is a joint venture between Anglers Utopia (APIA), Daiwa, and SLP Works.  The reel is based on the Certate 2016 model, thus sharing similar attributes.  It was available in two models, the 2508R-H Speed Custom and the 3012 Lunker Custom.  The reel comes standard with Magseal bearings, UTD (3012) and ATD (2508) drags, and Air Rotor.  APIA also included a spare T-Handle knob with each reel that is colored red as opposed to the stock black T-Handle knob, both of which are made of SLP's high grip material.  SLP works offered to swap the 3012's UTD to ATD for customers who so desire for ¥3,500.

Reel Name Gear Ratio Weight Bearing Count Maximum Drag Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) Line Capacity Handle Length MSRP
2508R-H 5.6:1 8.6oz 11+1RB 15.4 Pounds 33.07 Inches 8lb - 150m / 12lb - 100m 55mm ¥68800
3012 4.8:1 9.5oz 11+1RB 15.4 Pounds 31.89 Inches 12lb - 150m / 16lb - 100m 60mm ¥69800