I’ze Factory Black Sheep (Limited Edition)

The Millionaire I'ze Factory Black Sheep was a limited production run in 2006.  It is specifically tuned for Snakehead fishing where heavy line and lighter lures are used.  The levelwind is synchronized, bearings are CRBB, and the knobs and dragstar are oversize.  It was only made in right hand retrieve.

Reel Name Gear Ratio Weight Bearing Count Maximum Drag Brake System Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) Line Capacity Handle Length MSRP
250 5.1:1 12.7oz 10+1RB 15.4 Pounds Mag Force Z 23.6 Inches 17lb - 100m 80mm 45000¥
300 5.1:1 13oz 10+1RB 15.4 Pounds St. Reflex Centrifugal 23.6 Inches 17lb - 150m 80mm 45000¥

Black Sheep 250

Black Sheep 300

Black Sheep 250

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